Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Two out of every five civilians killed in 2014 could have been saved by a No-Fly Zone

• 42% of all civilians killed in 2014 were victims of Assad air attacks.

Of 17,582 civilians confirmed killed in 2014, 7,559 were recorded killed by air attacks according to the Violations Documentation Center in Syria. 163 of those were killed by the US-led Coalition air attacks, meaning 7,396 were killed by Regime air attacks: 42% of all civilians killed.

That minimum number of civilians killed in Syria in under four months by the US-led Coalition is now greater than the number of civilians killed by NATO’s seven month campaign in Libya (40 to 115). Unlike NATO’s Libya campaign, the US-led air campaign in Syria is not primarily intended to protect civilians.

• Over 95% of all the people killed by Assad air attacks in 2014 were civilians.

Total deaths by air attacks confirmed by the VDC in 2014 amounted to 7,954 people of which 227 were killed by the US-led Coalition, meaning 7,727 were killed by Assad regime air strikes. Only 395 were combatants, just under 5% of the overall total. 64 of those combatants were killed by the US-led Coalition, leaving 331 combatants killed by Assad regime air attacks,

For 2014, VDC list 17,369 civilians killed under ‘martyrs’ and 213 civilians killed under ‘regime’. VDC numbers are minimum counts of confirmed violent deaths and are likely to be significantly lower than the true totals. The UN minimum count up to the end of April 2014 shows over 80,000 more people killed than the VDC total for the same period.

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